Pistachio Creme Brulee

The first time I truly remember creme brulee was when I worked at a restaurant in uptown Minneapolis, and I got to sample some one night. I’m certain I ate it prior to this, but there is no recollection before this moment. It was because I never saw the fantastic way these desserts are finished….

Mango Avocado Salsa Salad w/Corn & Black Beans

Bring on different types of greens and combine that with a tropical summer feel (and maybe a light tropical cocktail), and you have yourself a salad that eats like a meal. Or omit the greens and add chips and queso for a new kind of nacho spread. Either way, this Mango Avocado Salsa w/corn &…

No Boil Shrimp Boil

As a Midwesterner with a taste for spice, I wanted to challenge myself with the flavors of southern gulf coast line. That’s when I discovered an amazing recipe for a no-boil shrimp boil with Cajun spices and cayenne pepper. Each time I make it, the excitement builds as I imagine the warmth of the Gulf Coast, the lively sounds of zydeco music, and the laughter-filled patio with perspiring cocktail glasses. The combination of Andouille sausage, seasoned shrimp, buttery potatoes, and fresh corn creates a symphony of flavors that I can’t resist. It’s a simple yet successful dish that fuels my passion for cooking and motivates me to recreate it all summer long.

Panzanella Salad

It is done – we have signed up for the 2023 CSA summer season! It will be the fourth year in a row and I am struggling to contain my excitement to start receiving weekly boxes of fresh, local produce. Followed quickly by spending time on my deck in the sunshine and brainstorming ways to…