The Bourbon Sunshine

I love experimenting with the beverage side of recipes as much as I do with the food side of recipes. It’s cliche, but being from Wisconsin, you learn young to appreciate kicking back and relaxing with anything from a Miller High Life (it’s the Champaign of beers – thanks dad) to a fancy made cocktail (heavy on the booze).

As you have seen, we recently made Lemoncello. We enjoyed the Lemoncello straight over ice. There was an underlying curiosity of what kind of cocktail to make with it. One night while cleaning up after dinner, I had left the Bourbon out after making Bourbon BBQ sauce – save that recipe for another time.

It was like lightening struck and I got to mixing the bourbon, limoncello and just a little bit of honey, shaking that up and sitting back, relaxing with a tasty cocktail.

Now came the hard part…What do I call this fun new treat? There was more discussion about this than you would think. Immediately, I wanted to just call it what was in it…something like lemon bourbon honey. I was informed that that was a little basic.

I waited until it came to me and it didn’t take long. The next day, I was thinking about how lemons are sunshine to me with their bright yellow tone and lively citrus bite. It felt natural that the Bourbon Sunshine is born…I’m enjoying one right now.

At this point, if you are ready for this drink and do not want the patience required with the making of your own Lemoncello, a store bought brand that you like will do quite nicely…or just have your mother-in-law go to Italy and pick you up some.

If you don’t have Bulliet Bourbon, use your favorite small batch bourbon and serve in different glasses.

Bourbon Sunshine


2 oz Lemoncello

2 oz Bulliet Bourbon

1 tsp honey


Add Lemoncello, bourbon and honey to shaker with ice. Shake vigerously for 20 seconds. Pour in low ball glass (or a fun cocktail glass) over a few ice cubes.

This makes two cocktails, but is easily halved. Serve with lemon peel if feeling fancy.

Happy cocktailing!!!

**Experimental Spoon Original

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