Chai Coconut Simple Syrup

Inspiration for me comes often from thinking back on unexpected special experiences I’ve shared with family and friends.

To know what I mean – close your eyes and think of a moment where you didn’t plan, where all you can see is smiles and laughter, where you are spending wonderful time with your significant other or friends, and where you now find yourself searching for a way to replicate that moment.

Eric and I have been fortunate to find these moments together. Moments like – when we pick a random new place to eat and we have an amazing meal, or we meet interesting people and talk for hours, or stumble on a fun 20 piece band playing the most upbeat and lively music that we felt it only appropriate to close the restaurant down, or when we experience the most perfect sunset.

When I think back on many of those moments for me, there is usually a fun new dish or cocktail that invokes a memory so strong that I dare myself to replicate the recipe at home. Those moments always included friends or family because that is the center of much of what is my life – family, friends, and food.

This particular simple syrup was born out of a cocktail that is a combination of my Sconnie roots and a fiesta spin – Tequila Old Fashioned. That drink will be featured in another post, but this simple syrup can be used to create other tasty libations – alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Add this to your coffee for a chai sweet punch or to soda water for a chai soda or start experimenting making your own cocktails with this simple syrup and let me know what you come up with…I’d love to try it!

Chai Coconut Simple Syrup


  • 2 cup coconut sugar
  • 2 cup water
  • 6 chai tea bags


Bring water to boil on stovetop over high heat. Remove from heat. Steep 6 bags chai tea for 3-4 minutes until infused. Steeping past 6 minutes will create a bitter flavor.

Discard tea bags. Return to medium heat and pour in sugar. Stir frequently until sugar is fully dissolved.

Refrigerate in a sealed container. Keeps for approximately 2 weeks.

Happy Mixing!

**Experimental Spoon Original

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