To cover all bases, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about my blog or blogs in general.

  • All of the photos on this blog are taken by me and my eight year old camera.  Some very nice, some not perfect.  I‘m wishing Santa brings a new digital camera this year.
  •  I get inspiration for recipes from cookbooks, other bloggers websites, and some are created by myself.  I have worked hard to give credit to those that I receive my inspiration from.  If anyone has been missed, I am sorry.  Please send me an email at experimentalspoon at gmail.com if there is a discrepancy that you spy.
  • Products or brands mentioned on this site have not been provided by any company requesting endorsement.  If I do see the day that my site has enough traffic that companies and brands send me something to use and write about, I will always disclose that it was a gift.  Along those lines, I will also always give an honest review of the product.  
  • This site WELCOMES comments, but please contribute in a positive manner.  Keep in mind, this site is meant for inspiration, fun stories, good recipes and entertaining family and friends.  It won’t be perfect.  I do not have an editor.  If there are mistakes in grammar or spelling, I am only human.  Negative comments and solicitations may be removed to allow those who come here to enjoy reading and recipes.

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